Welcome to the UQICD Purchasing Power Parities and Real Incomes

UQICD is a dedicated website designed to provide an interface to download international comparisons data on extrapolated purchasing power parities and real incomes covering 181 countries and the years 1970 to 2012.

The Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) of currencies available from UQICD are predictions from an econometric model which uses information from all the benchmark international comparisons conducted by the World Bank International Comparison Program since 1970. UQICD series are in contrast to the usual approach where extrapolations are formed from one or two benchmark comparisons.

The UQICD database is created out of the research project "Construction of Consistent Panels of Real Gross Domestic Product and its Components at Current and Constant Prices. " Details of the methodology are available in, Rao, Rambaldi and Doran (2010a, 2010b), Rambaldi, Rao and Ganegodage (2010), Rao and Rambaldi (2013), Huynh, Rambaldi and Rao (2014) and Rambaldi, Rao and Huynh (2014)

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The project received generous funding support from the Australian Research Council under Discovery Projects DP0557606, DP0985813 and DP170103559

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This project is being conducted within the UQ School of Economics.