A New Source of Series on International Comparisons of Prices, Incomes and Inequality

The release of the University of Queensland's UQICD V3.0 marks a significant milestone in the development of UQICD. This version is a culmination of several years of research dedicated to the development of econometric methodology for the compilation of series of internationally comparable macroeconomic aggregates including measures of purchasing power parities of currencies; real gross domestic product and its components; income distributions; and measures of inequality for 183 countries and for selected regional groupings covering the period 1970 to 2019.

The UQICD V3.0 is the only source of its kind which provides series on both real incomes and income inequality - two components that determine economic welfare of a society. At the core of the development of V3.0 is the conceptual framework for measuring social welfare developed by Amartya Sen (1976). An additional feature that distinguishes UQICD is the module that provides internationally comparable series for: (i) geographical regions of the world, (ii) for groups based on levels of per capita income as classified by the World Bank, and (iii) the administrative regions, OECD and EU.

UQICD V3.0 complements internationally comparable price and income series available from various versions of the Penn World Table (PWT), the latest version PWT 10.01 released recently. UQICD also complements inequality information currently available from sources like - World Inequality Database (WID); Income Distribution Database, OECD; Standardized World Income Inequality Database (SWIID); and the World Income Inequality Database (WIID).

The following series: Real Incomes by Country; Inequality by Country; Real Incomes by Region; and Inequality by Region in UQICD V3.0 are constructed using econometric methods developed by researchers at the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne with support from the Australian Research Council.

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Rao, D.S. Prasada, A. N. Rambaldi, G. Hajargasht, D. Chotikapanich and W.E. Griffiths, UQ International Comparisons Database: UQICD V3.0, School of Economics, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia. 2022.


The project has received generous funding support from the Australian Research Council under the Discovery Project scheme.

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